Startup life – Our first six month

Startup life – Our first six month

We’re excited to share our journey so far as a new company dedicated to helping businesses reduce their IT-related carbon emissions.

Our Services

After careful consideration at our company offsite and our attendance at KubeCon in Paris in March, we decided to pivot from a service company to a product comapny.

The Growing Interest in IT Carbon Reduction

We’ve seen a growing interest in IT realted carbon reduction, but at this early stage of an industry the interest was more on tooling.

The Challenges of IT Carbon Reduction

While there is a growing interest in IT carbon reduction, there are also a number of challenges. These challenges include:

Data and measurement: It is difficult to accurately measure the carbon emissions of IT infrastructure and software. This makes it difficult to track progress and identify areas for improvement and this is what we will tackle now with our product.

Our Product in a nutshell

  • Automation: Data automation to collect, upload, transform, store, process and analyze data.

  • Extensible: Automatic integration of your non-IT data sources: This includes your ERP, energy provider, HR system, and even data from other companies.

  • Open: Development of Aether (OSS) the use of Open Source tooling and the PACT Pathfinder framework to easily integrate with other reporting systems.

  • Real-time insights: Gain accurate and immediate visibility into your IT related carbon emissions.

  • Recommendations for optimisation: AI-powered insights to drive change and make impactful decisions.

  • Reporting: Get the reports you need, tailored to your specific requirements powered by AI.

The re:cinq platform is designed to deliver real-time emission insights into your IT landscape. Our platform enables users to optimise systems and applications to lower the carbon footprint of these systems. The platform is extensible and seamlessly integrates with additional data sources thanks to our flexible platform design and the use of the PACT pathfinder framework. Our platform is ideal for businesses seeking a robust solution to manage and optimize their IT environments.